• "Your sense of color astounds and delights me. It sets up the most exciting and harmonious response that is a joy to live with. The hardest part of loving your work is choosing the piece to take home."
    — Kate Cita
  • "I love the colors in which you work, and I also feel a tension between motion and tranquility in all of your work. I think that that is what appeals to me most. It is peaceful without being static."
    — John Banderob
  • "Your most recent paintings are just awesome, as always! You are such an inspiration to me! I'm so thankful that I can just look at your work on your FB page or your website and just feel as if I'm breathing in fresh air!!!"
    — Deborah Beattie
  • "I don't know how all those colors manage to make their way from your head to the canvas in the perfect hue and juxtaposition to create such masterful works. But thank goodness for all of us, they always do."
    — Paul and Barb Macks
  • "I am fortunate to own several of Nancy's paintings. It is a rare day that my spirit is not elevated by the presence of her work in my life. For me, Nancy's engaging canvases are a portal to a world of imagination that I never tire of exploring."
    — Jules Epstein, Primary Design, Inc.
  • "I am one of the many proud owners of your paintings. They are magical to me, always changing depending on the light and my mood. Thank you for sharing your spirit with us."
    — Carol Delage