Interior Appeal
by Wolfgang Mabry

A successful, full-time painter for the past 20 years, Nancy Ortensone absorbs the sights, sounds, and atmospheric wonders of the physical world w... more

Where Space Meets Time
by Suzanne Deats

Nancy Ortenstone loves to go for long walks in the mountains near her home in northern New Mexico. It is an expansive landscape, with vast meadows bel... more

Ortenstone's Atmospheres
by Robert Nott

Artist Nancy Ortenstone has a bird's-eye view of the world. That's not surprising, considering she spent many days of her Minnesota-based childhood... more

Trading Sea for Sky
by Jo Ann Baldinger

For most people, the term "New Mexico art" evokes images of mountains, arroyos, adobe walls and Indians in traditional dress. Certainly it was the reg... more

Artist Profile
by Suzanne Deats

Look and look again. And again. Each time there is something more, something different, something deeper. The view from one's own front door changes c... more

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