New Book: Because of Birds

This past year, my new book, Because of Birds, was published. It is a true story about my relationships with birds while living in San Miguel de Allende. Pierre Delattre described the book: “A hummingbird, a mourning dove, a Mexican songbird, a blue heron, and most importantly a peking duck, with whom she forms a deep bond, are among the many friends who fly into her life to share deeply felt adventures of mutual healing and transformation.” Because of Birds is available on Amazon.

My recent essay describing my journey to becoming a painter will appear in the forthcoming book, Pilgrimage Chronicles, published by Sacred World Explorations. There will be more on the writing front in 2018.

I feel tremendous gratitude toward all the people over the years who have purchased my artwork. You have made it possible for me to keep creating.

Many blessings,

Because of Birds
By Nancy Ortenstone